UNIF100 Ideal Meal Campaign

Unif 100%, a vetable drink to fulfil daily vegetable intake.

Thai people don’t seem to realize the importance of vegetable drink since they believe their daily meals already contain enough vegetable.

We created an online and offline campaign to present to the general public that their daily meal consumption do not meet the 400g of vegetable they need per day through exagerating Thailand’s most popular dishes with the recommended amount of vegetable.

Creative Director: Papop Chaowanapreecha
Art Directors: Kajohnchai Rodklongtan, Rapas (Boong) Chamnanratanakul
Copywriter: Kornchanok Khuntiphuntukul
Producer: Daotip Sudhisanronakorn
Director: Komson Yamshuen, Suneta House

Advertising Campaign
——Rabbit Digital Group
Bangkok, Thailand

Online Film

Key Visuals